02/02/2023 - Meeting Minutes

The meeting opened at 12:10 as Bill Petersen welcomed Chamber Members. Thanks to Alpine Cleaning and Restoration for hosting the meeting.

Business Reviews:

Evergreen Medical Wellness (Liz Worley) - Now operating from Smithfield Chiropractic. Working on natural health (weight loss, hormones, thyroid). Give her a call if you have questions or concerns.

Alpine Cleaning and Restoration (Wayne Moore) - Crews running 24/7 dealing with frozen pipes and drain lines. Give them a call.

Stone Fire Pizzeria (Kim Tippetts, Jim Tippetts) - Heads up - Valentine's Day special is a rose with every two entrees (2/10, 2/11 and 2/14). Schools get 15% off automatically for meals (parent teacher conferences, events).

Smithfield City (Curtis Wall) - Bridge reconstruction on Main Street has been delayed into late summer because they are worried about spring runoff. The roundabout by Sky View will be delayed as well so be prepared in the fall - that intersection will be closed for two months. Will be meeting with SLC Public Works on the new grasses that are drought resistance and water saving. Hoping to get some people (homes and businesses). USU will be helping estimate costs of switching to the new grass if people are interested.

Smithfield Lions (Deon Hunsaker) - Smithfield Day of Service - April 29th. Lions Club will be working with Sleep In Heavenly Peace to build beds - last year they built 20 beds. They have teamed up with Weber State University, Primary Children’s and U of U Hospital to raise money to run a camp for kids with diabetes. Total goal is to raise a total of $250,000. Also be ready for baseball in April - come support them at the concession stand. Always looking for new members - would love to have someone from the Chamber join.

Cache Curb Appeal/Green Check (Troy Teeples)- Starting curbing coming up in April. Running Green Check reg monitoring of business websites - can help you make sure your website is running. Offering a special to Chamber Members for $9.99 a month - just contact him.

Farmers Insurance (Wayne Elwood, Payton Knudsen) - Welcome to Payton Knudsen - new agent in his agency. Extremely busy! Costs of home construction are gone up so make sure that you have the right coverage with your insurance. Rates are going up as well. Come see them for the best packages and policies.

Smithfield Recreation (Richard Varela) - Super busy = just finished the Indoor Triathlon. Will be starting comp leagues with lots of teams from around the state and Idaho. Next big event is Health Days so look for information coming up. Will reserve the park for us for the Easter Egg Hunt. The lobby of the Rec Center will be renovated - new flooring, paint, counters, cabinets, signage. Excited for the update - will be working on this during Spring Break (early April).

Cache Valley Bank (Darryl Simmons) - Federal Reserve is still raising rates but Utah and Cache Valley are doing well and people are optimistic about the economy. If anyone is looking for Merchant Services (credit cards, etc) help, let them know. They can take your data and help you analyze it to help understand and grow your business.

Schreiber Foods (Scott Nelson) - Hiring still if anyone is looking for a good job. Continuing to grow and expand. Eat more cheese!

Lee’s Marketplace (Kevin Humphries) - Super Bowl is coming up - come and participate in the popcorn challenge! Valentine's Day is coming up as well. Don’t procrastinate! Still hoping for May 4th to open the new Richmond store.

Preston Watts (Josh Watts)- Please don’t crash your car - they are out to the end of March with repairs. Make sure that your cars are registered and don’t park on the road during snowstorms. Be safe.

Cache Valley Light and Sound and Elevate Pest Control (Paul Jenkins)- If you hear scratching, you might have a mouse. Keep your eyes open. Also will be helping with the Easter Egg Hunt through CV Light and Sound. They also do weddings for $100/hour.

Summit Elementary (Aimee McNeil)- Thanks to the Chamber for Night of Giving. Having a lot of new students that need help. Also, FYI Nicole Zollinger is being recognized as a Super Supporter of Education by the superintendent tonight at the CCSD offices at 5:30.

Birch Creek Elementary (Trudy Wilson)- Thanks to the Chamber for Night of Giving. They shopped for 17 families from their school and their conference room was full! Parents have been appreciative. Excited for the golf tournament. Indoor recess has been hard!

Sunrise Elementary (Shellie Healy) - First year at Sunrise. Thank you for all you do - looking to add some cameras for safety. Have gone to a buzzer system to get into the school.

Stapley Accounting (Terri Stapley) - It’s tax season! Look at your business goals for the coming year. If anyone needs help with this, call them.

McDonalds (Bill Petersen, Toni Wood) - Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with staffing; happy to have the great people that they have. Happy to be in the community.

Other Items

  1. Membership dues - Email went out last month. If you need another invoice let Nicole know. We have your window clings.
  2. Next newsletter in April - deadline is March 15th. It will include the Easter Egg Hunt and the Golf Tournament. $100 for an ad.
  3. Easter Egg Hunt is April 8th. Let us know how many eggs you want stuffed. We have lists of what you did last year if you need a reminder.
  4. Pancake Breakfast will be May 13th.
  5. The Tri School Golf Tournament is finalized for May 17th. If you would like to be a hole sponsor - there is no charge for chamber members.

Calendar Items for 2023:

  • April 8th - Easter Egg Hunt
  • May 13th - Health Days Pancake Breakfast
  • May 17th - Tri School Golf Tournament
  • December 2nd - Night of Giving

Next Meeting - March 2nd, place TBD.