12/08/2022 - Meeting Minutes

Nicole Zollinger opened the meeting at 12:25. Bill Peterson was delayed at a meeting out of town. Business reports will be held off until next month’s meeting.

Thank you to Birch Creek Golf Course for hosting the meeting this month

Night of Giving Review

Thank you to everyone that participated in any way, it was a great success! We sold out before the date of the event, and had more attendees than ever with 260. We might be able to handle one more table in the SV Commons, but not much more. We’ll go for 1 more year selling out then we’ll need to start thinking of new venues. We’ve been offered an airplane hanger, but there are no restrooms and we would have to bring in all the tables, chairs, and do extra decorating for atmosphere, etc. If you have ideas, email Nicole or Rhonda.

The Angel Trees at the Rec Center and in Stonefire Pizza are great advertising for the Night of Giving. We’ll continue to have the Angel Trees in these locations. Please pass along any ideas for improvement.

Thank you to Sky View and their custodial staff. They’re always so good to work with us and allow us to store supplies as needed. Set up and clean up are a breeze with all the help from custodial staff and Lee’s staff.

Thank you to Kim for gathering up all the names and checking with other programs to be sure we can help as many as possible. All the names have been handed out. Please remember to bring your receipts to the next meeting. We need to be able to account for all the money that goes out. Make use of the items here to stretch your cash for your families. This year we were able to allocate $150 for those 5-18 years old, and $75 for those 0-4 years old. Be sure to sign out your names with Kim.

The YSA Ward will wrap gifts. Have gifts to the church by McDonalds on Monday, December 19th between 6-7pm. Please give Nicole a heads up so there are enough YSA’s wrapping.

Membership dues will be sent out soon, so be watching for those. Let us know if there are business candidates that would be interested in joining the Chamber.

Teri Stapley shared the financial report.

We made $50,000 this year. Even with inflation and increased food prices for Lee’s, we managed to equal and exceed what we did last year. $9000 will be used to cover administration costs, the rest is to be used for our charitable purposes. This year we will be serving about 180 families for Christmas.

President Elect for next year will be Aimee McNeil. Aimee will fill in whenever Bill is not available.

Mayor Kris Monson thanked everyone for all they do to support the community. Mayor and council members were in awe at the Night of Giving of the entire event.

The Mayor and Council Members would like to visit businesses in Smithfield to get to know all the “hidden gems” in Smithfield a little better. Don’t be surprised if you get a call for a visit.

Next Year ideas:

  • One more table
  • Food lines were fantastic. Acquire chafing dishes to continue this efficiency.
  • Cellophane wrap for the Christmas Trees, ask Scott- lots of partially used rolls at work.
  • Tree delivery- in the past Alpine, Rigo, youth groups, etc. ??

Future Notice

Golf Tournament will be held on May 10th which is the same week as the Pancake Breakfast. It is the only time that fits in the golf calendar at Birch Creek. May want to consider having one committee for the Golf Tournament and one committee for the Pancake Breakfast to avoid burnout and have adequate help.

Meeting closed at 12:39. Merry Christmas! Next Meeting will be January 5th, 2023.

Calendar Items 2023

  • April 8th Easter Egg Hunt @ Mack Park
  • May 10th Tri School Golf Tournament @ Birch Creek
  • May 13th Chamber Pancake Breakfast @ South side of Youth Center
  • Dec 2nd Night of Giving @ Sky View High School