05/19/2022 - Meeting Minutes

The meeting opened at 12:10 as Bill Peterson welcomed Chamber Members. Thanks to Alpine Cleaning and Restoration for hosting the meeting and to Cache Valley Bank for lunch!

Business Reviews: Lee Everton

McDonalds (Bill Peterson) - Still doing well. Lobbies are open and have been open for several months. The Play Place is open as well. Still hiring but happy with who they have.

Alpine Cleaning and Restoration (Wayne Moore) - Recommend shutting off water to home if you are away for more than 3 days. They are working on multiple houses in Bear Lake because of flooding over the winter - water damage, mold, etc.

Stone Fire Pizzeria (Kim Tippetts, Jim Tippetts) - New Lemon Skookie - white chocolate and raspberry drizzle. Are fully staffed now for the first time in two years. Business is good!

Smithfield Lions (Deon Hunsaker) - They made 20 beds (thanks to grants from Lions Club and Preston Watts). They also have glasses ready to be donated. Collected 29 units of blood at their Blood Drive. Come support at the Blue Sox game by buying concessions.

Family Place (Maria Lopez) - Doing great! Hiring for The Kids Place (over 18, pass background check) for the summer. Summer camps start next month. Multi-cultural event this Saturday - celebrating all moms. Free food and music from 1-3 pm at the Logan location.

Smithfield City (Deon Hunsaker) - Thanks to everyone who helped with Day of Service.

Sky View High School (Brady Fonnesbeck) - Getting ready to celebrate the class of 2022. Just busy with clubs and academic programs - finishing up with capstone projects. Some spring sports are still going. Senior Ball and Senior Activities are all next week. Thanks for all your support and for the scholarships that benefit their students. Mike Monson is retiring and Shane Jones will be the new principal Amanie Crosbie will be a new assistant.

Lee's Marketplace (Kevin Humphreys) - They are stocked with eggs and baby formula. They broke down for their new Richmond store. Hoping to be open in 7 months. Memorial Day ad is ongoing.

Sunrise Elementary (Derek Beer) - Finishing up the school year. Almost done with testing - should be done with makeups this week. Derek is moving to White Pine next year. Thank you for the support! The schools are so grateful for the money raised.

Birch Creek Elementary (Trudy Wilson) - Ditto to Derek! Received a $7500 check today from Chamber and are so grateful. Working with the Rec Center to use Forrester Acres for the next few weeks.

Smithfield Rec Center (Richard Varela) - We survived Health Days! Thanks so much for all your support! Good weather and turnout. Lots of summer camps and leagues are ongoing.

Atlas Internet Marketing (Matt Veil) - Very busy! Opening a new insulation company. Bringing on more people but not taking new clients on. Will come and support as possible.

Stapley Accounting (Terri Stapley) - Tax season is over. This is a good time for future tax planning.

Cache Valley Bank (Darrell Simmons) - Shortage of dimes is over - coin shortage seems to be alleviated. Interest rates are starting to climb. Bank is operating at full capacity - commercial loans, mortgages, home equity loans. Proud to be in Smithfield. 24 branches throughout Utah.

Easy Breezy Duct Cleaning (Katie Veil)- Air duct and dryer vent cleaning but do not take care of live animals in your vents! Clean your dryer vents yearly.

ALE Group (Lee Everton) - Work with businesses to automate business contacts and social media, etc. Works from his office in South Logan.

Farmers Insurance (Wayne Elwood, Austin Porter) - It’s RV time! Call him if you need to check insurance coverage on trailers, boats, etc. Also check your maintenance. Farmers Insurance has good roadside assistance and vacation liability that they have seen to be valuable. Been busy and appreciate all the support. Be careful on the roads - distracted driving and road rage are increasing.

Coming Up

  1. Golf Tournament - What a great day! We had 38 teams (and were full a month before the tournament). The schools did a great job of getting teams, hole sponsors and raffle prizes. Each elementary school received a check for $7500! We will change our pricing a little - drop the $600 team option.
  2. Scholarship - We awarded 4-$600 scholarships.
  3. Pancake Breakfast. We had a good turnout this year. Thanks to everyone who helped! We netted $1183.38 - up 63% from last year. With the good turnout we hope to continue to grow the event. Do we want to keep doing it? Lots of good feedback - people seemed to know where it was. The city didn’t send out their email so we will have that growth as well next year. We will need more people to come and help, particularly at the end for cleanup. Maybe pull from Sky View service groups next year? Maybe pick up more tables and chairs from the city if they are able to purchase them? Maybe have scholarship winners in the parade? Use them for help?
  4. Next newsletter deadline will be October 15th for the November newsletter. Cost is $100.
  5. Night of Giving tickets will be a little more expensive to account for rising costs. Probably $35 a ticket with commensurate pricing increases for packages.
  6. Calendar Items for 2022:
    • December 3rd - Night of Giving
    • Next Meeting - September 1st at noon. Place TBD.
    • Have a great summer!