04/13/2023 - Meeting Minutes

The meeting opened at 12:12 pm as Bill Petersen welcomed Chamber Members. Thanks to Stonefire Pizzeria for hosting the meeting.

Business Reviews

Berryhill Physical Therapy (Kristi Berryhill) - Staying busy and are finally on the Select Health panel so if you have that insurance they can accept it now. They offer aquatherapy, dry needling and many other options

Smithfield City (Mike Monson, Curtis Wall, Melissa Manwaring) - Flooding is on everyone’s mind! Water is running down 300 south right now so be aware of that. City is keeping up with this and monitoring with Public Works staff. If you see any issues, please contact city staff. They still have some sandbags but are hoping to use the ones they have left for city use. Hoping to be able to control any flooding that occurs. Still drying out for outdoor recreation. Also, if you are interested in running for City Council, June is when you can declare your candidacy. Looking at ways to better deal with water issues, perhaps a bond is coming up? Conversations will be had about control of water resources. Will be starting up Smithfield garbage service (including a green waste option) in July. Commercial garbage dumpsters will be contracted differently. The Tree Committee is running a poster contest - encouraging schools to have their students participate. The Health Days pageant is upcoming - they are trying to provide five girls with $1000 scholarships; they are short by $750 and are looking for donations to meet their girls. The pageant is April 29th at the Smithfield Stake Center (by the golf course). Day of Service is coming up on Saturday, April 29th. Lots of projects available - park cleanup, humanitarian projects, city projects, library square cleanup. Check justserve.org for all the details and to sign up. Knox Boxes will be available to offer emergency access to businesses in case of an emergency. Reach out to the city if you are interested in participating. Also Curtis Wall will be certified in his new grass that is very drought friendly. Look for information about meetings.

Evergreen Medical Wellness (Liz Worley) - Office is down by Smithfield Chiropractic. If you are interested in hormone optimization, weight loss or primary care concerns please check her website to schedule. She doesn’t take insurance, which keeps her costs down. Evergreenmedwell.com.

Stone Fire Pizzeria (Kim Tippetts, Jim Tippetts) - New menus are out and look great! New salad - chicken oriental with a sweet dressing. Looking to add new menu options so if you have suggestions let them know. They are partnering with different companies for online ordering so they are open for feedback on your experiences.

Lee’s Marketplace (Kevin Humphries) - Richmond store is delayed due to weather (parking lot) so looking to mid-June for a grand opening. Hoping to start with outside plants next week. May is a big month for deals!

USU Credit Union (Trevor Larsen) - Things are going well for them; they are very well positioned so you can be comfortable with them having your funds covered. Rates are going up for saving accounts so now is a good time to move money into CD’s and Money Markets. Looking to partner with local businesses for employee financial education and offer membership to them.

Family Place (Dal Sellars) - Blue Ribbon Benefit is Saturday; still has a few spots available. Can sign up online (individual tickets or table). Online auction is going on now - check their website to place a bid before tomorrow evening. There will be an in person auction at the event.

Cache Curb Appeal and Green Check (Troy Teeples) - Waiting to schedule in May but are getting calls so let him know about any needs. Still working on Green Check and how to maximize benefits.

Farmers Insurance (Wayne Elwood) - Flood insurance is still available and will cover groundwater from the basement (through one flood company that he works with).

Smithfield Recreation (Richard Varela) - Renovation is mostly done. Still have some signage and touch ups to complete. Soccer has been delayed; baseball camp will probably be delayed. Health Days - moving along. Booths are filling up and plans are being made. Send good weather vibes! Schedule is upcoming and will be distributed soon. Pickleball Courts are running and available.

Cache Valley Light and Sound and Elevate Pest Control (Paul Jenkins)- Adult prom is this Saturday (hosted by Little Sprouts). Also looking at a Daddy/Daughter dance for Father’s Day.

Adams Wealth Advisors (Jace Cox) - First meeting. Excited to get involved.

Summit Elementary (Aimee McNeil)- Hoping to be done with indoor recess! Planning and hiring for the fall while finishing up this year. So excited for the golf tournament and so grateful for the funds.

Easy Breezy Pro’s (Katie Veil) - Air duct, dryer vent and carpet cleaning. Staying busy but now is a good time to clean carpets (carpets are the biggest filter in your home).

Fidelis Management (Matt Veil) - has transferred to this company and is excited for the new focus.

HostHuski (Andrew Davis) - Website hosting (including Beaver Mountain, Angie’s). If you need help making your website work better for you, give him a call.

Smithfield Lions (Deon Hunsaker)- April 29th will be working with Sleep in Heavenly Peace to make beds. Also doing eyeglasses in the lodge to send on humanitarian trips. Come to the Blue Sox games and support the concession stands. Look for their spaghetti dinner on April 27th. Thanks for the support for the blood drive - another one coming in May.

McDonalds (Bill Petersen, Toni Wood) - Bill is safe from corporate layoffs! Staffing is an issue and are always looking to hire. Doing fundraisers with schools and PTA so if anyone is interested let them know.

Other Items

  1. Thank you for all your participation in the Easter Egg Hunt.
  2. Scholarship applications are now open. Check our website for the application and to download.
  3. Pancake Breakfast will be May 13th. 8:00 - 9:30 am. We will need 10-12 people at all times to make sure it goes smoothly. We will send out an email signup as it gets closer.
  4. The Tri School Golf Tournament is finalized for May 17th. All hole sponsorships are full and we only need three more teams to be full.

Calendar Items for 2023

  • May 13th - Health Days Pancake Breakfast
  • May 17th - Tri School Golf Tournament
  • December 2nd - Night of Giving

Next Meeting - May 4th, Alpine Cleaning and Restoration. Lunch provided by Cache Valley Bank.