12/09/2021 - Meeting Minutes

Agenda Notes

The meeting opened at 12:17 as Wayne Moore welcomed Chamber Members. Thanks to Birch Creek Golf Course for hosting the December meeting. Thanks to everyone who helped so much to make the Night of Giving so successful this year.

Business Reviews

The Family Place- Season of Giving and Gratitude, from November 1st-December 31st they have a donor matching all donation dollar for dollar up to $100,000. The donations go toward services that are used all year long throughout Rich, Cache, and Franklin Counties. Looking for businesses to host a tree; the tree is displayed in stores with cards people can buy for anywhere from $5-$50 and includes a gift receipt for donors. Contact the Family Place to learn more.

Paul Jenkins- multiple businesses, Elevate Pest Control & Lawn Care, High Point Gymnastics, High School Counselor, Cache Valley Light & Sound (D.J. business), Founder of the Hope Campaign. The HOPE CAMPAIGN- partnering with the Family Place for suicide prevention particularly in teens. Cache County is the #1 highest county in the state for suicides. Looking for sponsors for the campaign. Hope Dance- in Mar/April. Getting out info for students to know who to call in an emergency when they need help, places they can go to get help, and extracurricular activities to become involved and find a passion to pursue. Contact Paul for more information, brochures, etc. Paul: 208-339-3198

Almost every business in town can still use more employees.

Night of Giving Review

Terri Stapley presented numbers on the Night- Nicole’s goal-$40,000, actual revenue was over $47,000 which was more than $10,000 more than last year. Cost of supplies increased this year in part because of the increased cost of decorations. Had been creating and selling decorations, but with costs increasing decided to keep decorations this year and refresh them each year without selling them. Able to increase the donations to children this year by $10,000. Some money may be added to scholarships to students in May- will still be benefiting the community and children. Official revenue and expenditure report on file. Those shopping for children/families keep all receipts from what you purchase and return them to Terri.

Nicole Zollinger- Auction made more money than ever made before. Thank you so much for your generosity, looking out for the community. Sold out 400 candy bars in 20 minutes; next year, the goal is to sell 800 candy bars. If shopping for children and discover there are more children in the family than what is listed, please let Nicole know so they can provide more resources.

--Thank you to Kim Tippetts who gathers names of children and families, tracks changes from year to year, follows up, and researches needs tirelessly. Thank you to Matt for setting up the donations through the website with options to feed a family, sponsor a child, or a flat donation. This was a great option to add for our event. Thank you to Alpine Cleaning for sponsoring radio time to advertise the Night of Giving. Thank you to Schreiber's - cheese is a hot item. Thank you to Sky View for providing the building at no charge for our event. We will continue to provide postcards to Chamber Members to send to others, recommending they attend. Thank you to Firehouse and Smithfield Rec. Center for hosting Angel Trees. People are always so generous to support in some way. Please send feedback to Nicole- how to tweak?, what can be improved?, what worked well?, ideas? size?, go bigger? facility? Thank you to everyone that participated and donated so much to help out this year.

Cache Valley Light & Sound would like to participate and donate services next year.

Chamber Updates

Membership dues invoice will be included at the next meeting on January 6th, 2022.

Thank you to Wayne Moore who served for two years as Chamber President. Next year’s President will be Bill Petersen. He was unable to attend today’s meeting; a family health need took priority. Bill is excited to serve as President and work with everyone in the Chamber. Wayne noted serving as Chamber President provides an opportunity to ‘know the people we serve, and gives a unique perspective into businesses, families in our community, and the volunteers we work with.’ If you haven’t served as Chamber President, please consider the opportunity to serve.

If you want to have the YSA Ward wrap and deliver gifts for you please have your items delivered to the Church next to McDonalds on Monday, December 20th between 5-6pm. Please give Nicole a heads-up so we can have enough wrapping supplies and volunteers.

No other business- Merry Christmas! The meeting was adjourned at 12:44.