01/02/2020 - Meeting Minutes


Nicole Zollinger, Rhonda Wright, Bill Petersen (McDonald’s), Darrell Simmons (Cache Valley Bank), Shawn Didericksen (Discount Tire), Domani Jardine (Eagle’s Landing), Mike Monson (Sky View High School), Kim Tippetts (Firehouse), Jim Tippetts (Firehouse), Trudy Wilson (Birch Creek Elementary), Aimee McNeil (Summit Elementary), Senator Lyle Hillyard, Jennifer Anderson (The Family Place), Wayne Moore (Alpine Cleaning and Restoration), Bart Caley (Alpine Cleaning and Restoration), Deon Hunsaker (Smithfield Lion’s Club and Smithfield City), Richard Varela (Smithfield Rec Center), Scott Walmsley (Smithfield Rec Center), Curtis Wall (Smithfield City), Josh Watts (Preston Watts Collision and Glass), Grace Williams (Farmer’s Insurance), Rigo Chaparro (State Farm Insurance), Scott Archibald (Sunrise Engineering), Scott Nelson (Schreiber Foods)

Business Reviews

McDonald’s - new products coming out January 28th - Spicy Chicken Biscuit and Spicy Chicken McGriddle. The response to the samples was positive! Thanks, Bill.

Cache Valley Bank - Still growing - available for loans or to open new accounts. Come see them!

Discount Tire - It’s been a great year in Smithfield. Thanks for everything!

Eagle’s Landing - Looking forward to a great 2020!

Sky View High School - First day back from Winter Break. Thanks to the Chamber for everything.

Firehouse Pizzeria - Thanks for all the support in 2019 and looking forward to a great 2020.

Birch Creek Elementary - Looking forward to a productive few months of teaching.

Summit Elementary - Lots of illness floating around - stay home if you are sick and wash your hands.

The Family Place - Met their fundraising goal in December (raised over $103,000!) plus the match. Had great success with their Starfish Giving Machine, Their next event is February 8th - their Princess Party. They have already sold over 70 tickets and have had several sponsorships purchased so kids who normally couldn’t afford to attend will be able to go.

Senator Hillyard - 2020 Legislative Session starts in 3 weeks. Looking forward to seeing more money go towards school counselling and preschool. Keep and eye out for news.

Alpine Cleaning and Restoration - It’s restoration season! Watch out for frozen pipes and ice dams.

Smithfield Lion’s Club - Lion’s Club is already looking ahead to this year’s Night of Giving! They are also looking for new members. Their busy season begins in the spring with concessions at Blue Sox games.

Smithfield Rec Center - If you are interested in sponsorships, let Richard know. Selling lots of January memberships. Are planning to put business names on jerseys for certain sports - baseball, softball, flag football, volleyball - where the jersey’s are not reversible. Kids wear these for more than games and they serve a lot of kids in their youth sports. They will be in touch with businesses about this. Also the winter PIckleball league begins next week and runs for 8 weeks - it is full but they are looking to expand their Pickleball offerings.

Smithfield City - The Rec Center needs more refs!

Preston Watts Collision and Glass - Be careful! Slow down! Thanks for your business and support!

Farmer’s Insurance - Make sure you understand your coverage before you have an accident! Check on your Rental Car Coverage. Now is a good time to get comparisons.

State Farm Insurance - Be sure to check your coverage!

Sunrise Engineering - Had a busy 2019. Lots of business - working with Smithfield City on projects.

Schreiber Foods - Eat More Cheese!

2020 Goals

A few things were mentioned as goals for the Chamber:

Branch out for meeting locations Be more proactive about inviting new members - let Nicole know and she will make contact Keep website more up-to-date with events and schedules Stay involved and attend our meetings - last year our January meeting only had 8 attendees. Thanks for everyone for coming and being active in the Chamber!

2020 Memberships

Memberships will be due in January. We will send out information and Terri will invoice those who are already members.

Additional Information

Bart Caley mentioned that his parent company uses H2B Visas to legally bring over workers from other countries for seasonal work. This helps them with hiring and gives the workers the benefit of seeing if they like living and working in the US.

We should perhaps reach out to Bridgerland and get information about training and hiring.

Rigo Chaparro and his wife have started a foundation (LEAP - Leadership, Education, Achievement and Prosperity) and would love support or help from Chamber members. This past year they offered 36 scholarships to Latino students who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to continue their education. They offer mentoring to make sure that these students have access to resources that they need to be successful. For more information, their website is leapcv.org.

Dates to Remember in 2020

Easter Egg Hunt - April 11th

Health Days Tri School Golf Tournament - May 6th

Night of Giving - December 5th

Next Meeting: February 6th at Sky View High School.

Thanks to McDonald’s for hosting and for the yummy samples!