11/07/2019 - Meeting Minutes


Nicole Zollinger, Rhonda Wright, MIke Monson (Sky View High School), Jennifer Anderson (Family Place), Josh Watts (Preston Watts Collision and Glass), Bill Petersen (McDonald’s), Pete Krusi (Lee’s Marketplace), Derek Beers (Sunrise Elementary), Senator Lyle Hillyard, Tom Gibbons (Tom Gibbons Accounting), Shawn Didericksen (Discount Tire), Domani Jardine (Eagle’s Landing), Stephanie Evans (Larry’s Pharmacy), Richard Varela (Smithfield Recreation), Eric Kleven (Birch Creek Golf Course), Darrell Simmons (Cache Valley Bank), Terri Stapley (Stapley Accounting), Aimee McNeil (Summit Elementary), Trudy Wilson (Birch Creek Elementary), Scott Nelson (Schreibers), Kim Tippetts (Firehouse), Jim Tippetts (Firehouse)

Business Reviews

Birch Creek Golf Course - Golf Course still open for a little bit; hosting holiday parties and events.

Family Place - Will have a Giving Machine in the Logan office so that people can choose what they can give during the holiday season. Happy to be involved in the Chamber.

McDonald’s - New menu items - BBQ Bacon Burger, Donut Sticks, Snickerdoodle McFlurry

Discount Tire - Business continues to trend upwards. Offering all snow services (get your snow tires!) and a free winter checkup.

Cache Valley Bank - Been open in the old Wells Fargo building for four months. Opening lots of new accounts and giving lots of loans. Thanks for your support!

Stapley Accounting - Year-end accounting and tax planning time! Call them for help with Quickbooks or other accounting needs.

Summit Elementary - Using funds to install sound systems in classrooms. Hosting a Family STEM Festival on Monday night. Also, come join them for their Veteran’s Day assembly Friday, Nov 8th at 9:30 am.

Birch Creek Elementary - Also having a Veteran’s Day assembly on Friday at 1:00 pm. All are welcome.

Eagle’s Landing - New venue open to host meetings and parties. Come take a tour!

Senator Hillyard- Still in the thick of tax reform. Sales and gas taxes as they stand will not meet needs according to projections. Stay tuned for more news going forward.

Sky View High School - State football on Friday at 3 pm. Lots of other activities going on - Fall Musical (Xanadu) through Saturday. Monday 9:10 am is the Vetean’s Day assembly.

Lee’s Marketplace - Holiday Food Show next Thursday, Nov 14th from 4-8 pm. Showcasing holiday foods and some great deals, including butter, Lindt candy and turkey.

Smithfield Recreation - Junior Bobcat League is ongoing. Registration open for Winter Basketball. Turkey Trot is expecting 450 runners - need any swag bag donations by Nov 16th. Top of Utah tournament will be the first two weekends in December. Also, Pickleball Fields at Forrester Acres will be ready late spring 2020 and the new parking lot was just poured.

Preston Watts - Get your snow tires or call them when you need help!

Sunrise Elementary - Veteran’s Day assembly Monday at 2:30. Busy getting names collected for Night of Giving.

Larry’s Pharmacy - Flu shot season is here - they have a few high dose shots available for 65 and up. Also have Shingles, Pneumonia and Whooping Cough vaccines.

Tom Gibbons Accounting - call him for any tax advice or accounting needs. Also, come visit the Carriage House Kitchen for breakfast on Thursday, Friday or Saturday from 8 am - 12 pm. They are also looking to open a farm store to sell beef and eggs.

Schreibers - Eat more pizza and pasta (with lots of cheese!). They are expanding and hiring. They offer good pay (over $20 an hour after 18 months), good benefits and incentives. Looking to add another 50-60 people.

Firehouse Pizzeria - Fh’zookie of the month is Pumpkin Spice with white chocolate truffles.

Newsletter Deadlines for Fall

Nov 15th for December. $100 for ad. We will be doing a Chamber Recap in December.

Night of Giving

December 7th at Sky View High School. Catering by Lee’s. Pepsi is providing drinks.

Tickets are $30 a person You can reserve tables of 8, 10 or 12. We also offer sponsorships. They are:

$500 - Table of 8, 8 Golden Ticket Vouchers, 40 Raffle Tickets $750 - Table of 8, 16 Golden Ticket Vouchers, 80 Raffle Tickets $1000 - Table of 8, 32 Golden Ticket Vouchers, 160 Raffle Tickets

If you are interested in making a donation for either the raffle or for the auction, let us know! We need all items ( or at least a description) by 1:00 pm so we can print the program.

Let Nicole know if you know anyone who would benefit from a personal invitation via postcard.

Let us know if you want to shop for families. The YSA ward in Smithfield is available to help wrap and deliver. Also Famiy Place has volunteers who can help shop.

We will go with two testimonials - maybe read the letter from the recipient from last year.

Darrell Simmons has a sound system that he will let us use if we need it. Nicole will let him know.

Dates to Remember

Night of Giving - December 7th

Next Meeting: December 12th - Birch Creek Golf Course

Thanks to the Firehouse Pizzeria in Smithfield for hosting!